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In defense of Comic Sans

Not really.  But an article in Salon says hideous fonts may boost reading comprehension! According to the article, researchers at Princeton published this paper suggesting that people retain information better when it’s presented in ugly, irregular fonts. What I retained … Continue reading

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Type Bike

Designer Aaron Kuehn created this typographic bicycle for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition Resource Guide. Melanie sent me this, via HOW Blog.

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Typographic maps

Very cool maps in which streets are all depicted solely with typography. By Axis Maps.

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All saints, up in here

…I just realized.  Apparently it’s unofficial hagiography week at Bookish Lady. This happens when I’ve spent a lot of time at my parents’ house.

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An ocean of print

Was just reading Christine Neulieb’s “Changing Our Minds: Virtue Ethics for a Digital Age” in the latest issue of Commonweal.  The article is sort of a Catholic answer to Nicholas Carr’s Is Google Making Us Stupid? from The Atlantic.  Neulieb … Continue reading

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