A House with Good Bones Book

Book Review: A House with Good Bones by T. Kingfisher

Looking for a spooky read with a dash of humor? Check out this review of A House with Good Bones.

A House with Good Bones book

Book Summary

In A House with Good Bones, Samantha Montgomery returns to her childhood home to stay with her mother, Edith. However, she soon realizes that things are not as they used to be. Her mother’s appearance and behavior have changed, and strange things are happening in the house. Memories of her strict grandmother come flooding back, and Sam wonders if the house is haunted. Despite her scientific mindset, she can’t explain the eerie occurrences. To help her mother, Sam must delve into her family’s past and uncover the secrets buried for years.

A House with Good Bones Review

The mood in A House with Good Bones is set instantly, with the Vulture and its symbolic representation as the bringer of omens. This creative approach adds an element of ominousness to the beginning and later at the end of the novel. 

T. Kingfisher’s A House with Good Bones features Samantha as the protagonist and narrator, allowing readers to delve into her thoughts and experiences. Through this unique approach, readers can fully immerse themselves in the scenes described, feeling the squish of bugs and catching a whiff of freesia in the air. It also makes readers privy to Sam’s paranoia. The author’s creative writing style truly brings these sensory experiences to life.

Incorporating a touch of non-linearity in the plot, T. Kingfisher takes the readers through Sam’s memories of her grandmother, seamlessly blending the flashback snippets with Sam’s narration. This style maintains a steady pace throughout the book.

Despite being a horror novel, T.Kingfisher’s A House with Good Bones adds a dash of humor to the mix, providing readers with a much-needed respite from the mounting tension. 

“Some things run in families and other things skip generations.” – Gail


The readers see Samantha as a fulfilled individual who embraces her single status, profession as an Entomologist, and appearance. She prioritizes her mother’s welfare and possesses a skeptical and analytical mindset. Throughout the story, Sam transforms as her fundamental beliefs are challenged.

In the novel A House with Good Bones, Grandma Mae takes on the role of the antagonist. However, her character goes beyond the stereotypical portrayal of a mean grandmother. The reader must dig deeper into her past to understand her better. 

Intellectual Value

A House with Good Bones probes into family dynamics. Through the interactions between the characters, we witness the intricacies of familial relationships that contribute to the novel’s overall theme. 

Personal Enjoyment

A House with Good Bones is spooky with a dash of humor book that I found relatable since I reside in a similar locality to Lammergeier Lane, albeit without a Vulture nesting nearby. It highlights the intricate dynamics of family ties, which struck a chord with me. I recommend this book that taps into one’s deepest emotions and fears.

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