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Book Review: In The Lives of Puppets by T.J. Klune

Read my review of In The Lives of Puppets by T.J. Klune, a thought-provoking sci-fi story that explores the relationship between humans and robots.

A photo of In The Lives of Puppets book

In The Lives of Puppets Summary

In “In the Lives of Puppets,” we are transported to the secluded forest dwelling of the father-son duo Gio and Vic. As the truth about his existence and his father’s hidden secrets are revealed, Vic bravely ventures outside the safety of the woods with the aid of his trusty android companions to rescue Gio. However, Vic’s discovery of Hap sets off a chain of events that leads to Gio’s capture by the authorities

In The Lives of Puppets Review

The book, Lives of Puppets, has sparked my imagination about the potential of robots and droids in our daily lives. It presents a unique perspective on living alongside sentient machines, which is both thrilling and unnerving. Despite the eerie implications, I am intrigued to delve further into this novel’s pages and explore this world’s creative possibilities.


   In The Lives of Puppets, we embark on a journey with Victor/Vic, who navigates his way through a complex web of emotions, especially when he experiences attraction. T.J. Klune expertly captures the plight of a young man as he comes of age, particularly in Vic’s case, where he is surrounded by robots who, despite their sentience, are unable to comprehend the intense emotions brewing within him. As I read through the pages, I felt a deep connection to Vic’s struggles, experiencing his anxiety and the overwhelming sense of helplessness as if it was my own. It’s a fascinating tale that showcases the complexities of human emotions and the creative power of storytelling.

 The book “In the Lives of Puppets” showcased fascinating robots with unique personalities. As I delved into the pages, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Wall-E due to the endearing character of Rambo, the vacuum who’s always on edge and loves to chat. His nervous disposition brings to mind the iconic C3PO, who always tended to fret. Meanwhile, the saucy and maternal Nurse Ratched shares a dynamic with Rambo reminiscent of R2-DT. It’s incredible how these robot characters can be so relatable and entertaining!

Gio and Hap share a common ground regarding their character development. What intrigues me the most is how these two robots, each with their own level of peril, have been given a human touch.

Conflict and Theme

  In The Lives of Puppets, Vic’s inner turmoil adds an artistic flair to the storyline. Despite his logical upbringing and scientific mindset, Vic’s humanity shines through, bringing depth and complexity to the plot. Even though he may falter at times, his unique blend of rationality and emotion ultimately saves the day.

“Self-worth isn’t measured by what other think, but what you think about yourself.”


The story of In The Lives of Puppets paints a beautiful picture of humanity’s potential for love and kindness, even amidst our inherent fragility and self-centeredness. It reminds us that hope is always within reach, waiting to be nurtured and embraced.

This book is also about the concept of free will, which is explored in a really captivating way. It’s fascinating to see how the robots, who have become self-aware, struggle with the desire to control other robots to avoid making mistakes and following rules. Meanwhile, we also meet Vic and his family, who live their lives with the unique gift of free will that they share with one another. It’s a genuinely creative exploration of what it means to have control over your own choices and actions.

 Overall Reading Enjoyment

  In this book, T.J. Klune had me in stitches with his witty humor. He even tugged at my heartstrings, almost bringing me to tears. These emotional rollercoasters are typical of Klune’s writing style, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. The story had a profound message about humanity that I wholeheartedly appreciated. However, the sci-fi element didn’t capture my attention. Additionally, I was skeptical about the chemistry between Vic and Hap. Nevertheless, Klune’s creativity kept me engaged throughout the book.

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